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"The Global Webmail market has grown from 50 million users in 1998 to 300 million in 2001."

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The E-Mail Continues to Take Over the World
The number of worldwide electronic mailboxes soared an amazing 83 percent in 1999, topping 569 million by year's end, according to a study by Messaging Online. The 1999 Mailbox Study found that at the present growth rate, within the next two to three years, there may be more e-mail accounts in use than either telephone lines or televisions.
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Webmail Report Highlights

"Hotmail has a 30.3 percent share of 280 million Webmail boxes....However, what's noteworthy are the up-and-coming national Internet access service providers further on down the list: Germany's T-Online, Terra Lycos in Spain, and Tiscali in Italy, BTinternet in the UK, and Wanadoo in France are among the European ISPs now in the top 25 worldwide."

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Webmail Soars in Asia

"Within the Webmail category, the incredible growth is occurring outside of both the U.S. and Europe. Many Americans may not be familiar with SinaMail, but it's the number one Webmail service in China, and number five worldwide with 11.5 million mailboxes. Universo Online's UOLmail in Brazil is number eight with 7 million Webmail users. At number 13 is RediffMail in ndia, and next at number 14 is Taiwan's Kimo Mail. In addition, Hotmail and Yahoo Mail are becoming increasingly multinational."

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